The Foundry has unveiled the latest version of its paint and texture tool Mari.

Mari 1.2 adds Python integration, Fractal Noise tools, texture mirroring and new shader tools as well as improved detection and support for GPUs.

Support for Python 2.6.5 allows users to produce scripts that integrate Mari into their workflow.

Texture Mirroring can be used for painting UV assets and when combined with the new fractal noise tools can add natural looking detail. A new levels filter allows users to change the colour levels in paint, and shader modules have been added for masked bump and improved normal mapping.

Product manager Jack Greasley said: “We have consulted in detail with users and the new features in Mari 1.2 are a result of our initial consultations and customised engineering solutions.  

“We will continue to develop Mari collaboratively so we can ensure it evolves to meet the needs of textures artists.”

The 3D texture painting tool was originally developed at Weta Digital for use on projects such as Avatar, The Lovely Bones and District 9 (pictured).