Provide location services and post-production for the fixed-rig series

Post Evolutions

Client Twofour

Brief Provide location services and post-production for the returning six-part, fixed-rig series.

How it was done Evolutions used its Luther ingest system to capture all the action, recording three gallery-cut streams, with 32 channels of audio for approximately 22 hours a day, for six weeks on location.

The media was brought back to London before the rig had finished shooting to allow Twofour to assess what it had shot and pull together sequences.

Online editor David Frisby used Symphony Nitris to grade and online the series.

Gain was added to the shadows to produce a glossy but natural look.

The Gaussian blur plug-in from Boris was used for interview backgrounds.

Dubbing mixer Richard Ashley used Pro Tools plug-ins to reduce the background noise.

Watch it Tuesdays, 9pm, ITV2