A cloud-based production management programme for TV, corporate and commercial productions has today been unveiled.

The Pool, which is a suite of budgeting, accounting, contract management and communications tools, is the brainchild of former managing director of SVC Television David Robins.

“When I was at SVC I built up an understanding that production can be extremely stressful,” he said. “There are few tools to support production teams, with most using a combination of Word and Excel.”

He added that because the software is cloud-based, multiple users will be able to share information across productions and with clients and suppliers, helping producers to budget, manage and refine their production and crew supplier requirements.

The software will initially be targeted at productions involved in commercials, corporate videos and fast turnaround, one-off TV productions. Over the next six to nine months the software will be expanded for use by larger, episodic broadcast productions.

40 users are trialling the software at the moment, which is due to launch next Wednesday (8 December).

The pricing starts at £325 for an annual licence for an individual user, with discounts for multiple users.

Robins said he hopes to have signed up 800 users within a year.