Reuters has partnered with facilities firm TIMA to offer location services including studio facilities and logistical support to broadcasters and online media outlets.

Reuters-TIMA Location Services will offer production and editorial staff around the world, along with access to studio facilities in cities including New York, Moscow, Singapore and Tehran.

Reuters global head of video products Tim Santhouse said: “Reuters-TIMA Location Services will support broadcasters and online publishers with editorial, technical and infrastructure support on location.

“Our service will enable our customers to focus on what they’re good at - telling their story to their audience - while the entire operational side, including technical and local knowledge, is taken care of.

“This partnership brings together two sets of skills and experience that will create a powerful newsgathering service for the benefit of media companies.”

The service will launch at next week’s Academy Awards ceremony.

TIMA chief executive Alla Salehian added: “International news stories today have more impact beyond their borders than ever before.

“Alongside this, there are an increasing number of TV channels across the world and a growing appetite for online video content.

“The result is a huge demand for live international video news and analysis 24-hours a day.

“Reuters-TIMA Location Services is uniquely equipped to support this trend in a way that is both affordable and of high quality.”