A website to connect producers with financiers has been launched by a former Morgan Stanley trader and River City actor.

Roshan Rohatgi, who has also had roles in Sea of Souls and The Key, said his financial knowledge and experience in front of the camera had helped him identify the “chasm” that exists between finance and production.

“The backing of content is dependant on a few sources,” Rohatgi said. “But content is needed to fill an increasing amount of channels and with declining advertising revenue the money has to come from the private sector.”

The Visual Media Hub website has been developed with the help of Hummingbird Films’ Jayne Chard and Rachel Tillotson, director of BAFTA-winning BBC drama Offside.

The aim is to supply information – under NDA - to potential investors through pre-production documents, and Rohatgi said the producers involvement had helped to make sure it is in keeping with the way that producers already work.

“Investors want to look at things from a tax angle and in terms of IP rights, and the reason they like this platform is that they can look at the production information, which is effectively a business plan,” he said.

Rohatgi said that rather than invest in “blind film vehicles” there was a desire from investment banks and high net worth individuals to take a more collaborative approach when investing.

“TV is attractive because of the lower distribution risk, as it can be sold to multiple territories and the turnaround is faster so it is less of a financial risk.”

The website currently has 10 producers and 10 financiers registered. Rohatgi that the strategy departments of the UK’s public service broadcasters are currently looking at the platform.

The website has a factual entertainment series and five low budget film projects that are seeking funding.