Filmlight has developed a version of its Truelight colour management technology for use on location.

Truelight On-Set allows a colour look to be applied to footage during production.

It means that a director or DoP can create an on-set look to serve as the foundation for colour correction in post. This reflects the increased dialogue between directors, DoPs and colourists from the outset of a production.

US product manager for Filmlight Peter Postma said: “This will be of benefit across the board. Editors will be able to see the look the director wants and visual effects houses will be able to better design their shots to conform to production.

“In addition, a colourist will know that any changes he has made to the rushes overnight will appear as they are supposed to appear to a director.”

Truelight ensures colours appear the same throughout a post process as well as on a cinema or TV screen. Truelight On-Set allows for calibration of digital cameras, monitors and recording devices.

The operator makes colour adjustments using a deliberately simple interface designed for people with limited technical experience. They can then compile lists of different looks indicating how they are meant to be applied.

Filmlight will demonstrate Truelight On-Set at NAB even though it is still in development. The company anticipates that it will start delivery later this year.

Truelight is currently used by 80% of film post facilities and a significant number of broadcast post houses worldwide.