A UK-based technology developer will introduce a new high-end compositing, editing and finishing platform at NAB designed to compete with established systems from Autodesk and Quantel.

Imagineer Systems from Guildford, which has already developed individual visual effects tools such as Mokey (pictured), Monet and Mocha, will now enter the world of complete post-production systems with a product called Mogul.

Mogul will be a collaborative architecture integrating visual effects systems and desktop applications. It will be based around an open platform that connects all the tools in a facility, tracks workflow and reports on progress of projects.

Imagineer will develop individual products as part of Mogul but, because it is an open architecture, it will be possible to plug existing tools from other manufacturers into the platform and add them to the workflow.

“If you look at the individual pieces or modules, the Mogel architecture is modelled on roles in the facility,” explained chief executive Allan Jaenicke.

“There is nothing hugely surprisingly about how we have defined the product family. What it leads to is a great deal of flexibility. That is one of the key aspects. It's an open flexible architecture that is open to other third party tools. It will support any application that reads and saves files”

Mogul will be made available on a monthly subscription basis.

The systems-based products that make up Mogul will be:

  • Mogul/serve, a shared storage environment that tracks digital assets and associated metadata;

  • Mogul/review, a disk-based playback and review system;

  • Mogul/master, a finishing system with integrated I/O, 3D compositing, editing and grading tools;

  • Mogul/traffic, a dedicated I/O system with capture, layback, encoding and job duplication on a dedicated workstation;

  • Mogul/browse, which gives access to all media and metadata for every station connected to Mogul/serve and offers the ability to hook third party applications into Mogul.

Imagineer Systems will announce full details at NAB.