Spectral Edge has launched set-top box technology to help colour-blind viewers differentiate between red and greens.

The University of East Anglia spin-out company said its Eyeteq system, which is based on research from the university’s School of Computer Sciences, modifies the colour of still and moving images.

Professor Graham Finlayson from UEA’s School of Computer Sciences said: “With Eyeteq enabled, content streamed to a set top box is enhanced on a frame-by-frame basis before being transmitted to the TV screen.

“It would be available to users as an option in the accessibility menu. Programmes which contain a large amount of red and green in their images such as sports, cookery and nature, would be particularly enhanced.”

The company said the technology would have a “minimal impact” on the picture for those who do not have colour blindness.

Spectral Edge managing director Christopher Cytera added: “Service providers and set top box manufacturers can see the benefits in increasing accessibility to colour blind viewers, and Eyeteq provides the perfect solution for the living room TV screen.

“Our trials have proved the concept, and it is now ready for integration into prime time consumer technology to transform how colour blind people, and their families, watch TV.”

Colour blindness is thought to affect around 2.7 million people in the UK.