GlobeCast has kicked off an expansion project that encompasses upgrades to master control room (MCR) and media management technology from Omneon, Hewlett Packard and Pharos.

Omneon video servers and an HP SAN have been given extra capacity while more functionality has been added to the Pharos Mediator and Playtime automation products.

Improved transcoding, repurposing and monitoring possibilities are also included.

The move will allow the content management and delivery company to double its channel capacity and bring on board new customers. It will also make it possible for current clients to add more playout and multimedia services to their existing

Explaining the demand for the increased service, GlobeCast content management facilities manager Carl Petch said: “Broadcasters are increasingly keen to outsource multimedia services because of the complexity of the work and because they can't necessarily make the investment for themselves. We can make that investment because we are doing it for numerous international clients.”

GlobeCast opened its playout and media management centre at its Grays Inn Road HQ last August, providing linear broadcast playout as well as delivery for IPTV and mobile channels.

By the end of 2007, with the centre almost at capacity, a plan was put in place to overhaul the MCR and the media management suite.

The upgraded facilities will become fully operational by the end of this summer.

GlobeCast is a subsidiary of France Telecom. The company operates a secure global satellite and fibre network and provides broadcast content management and transmission services. Playout clients include Arsenal TV and the Poker Channel.