UTV Facilities has launched a new green screen that it says is the largest of its type in Northern Ireland.

The screen, which is four metres high with a 7.3m by 6.1m cyclorama, provides 45 square meters of active filming space.

Managing director of UTV Television, Michael Wilson, described the new green screen facility as “fantastic news” for Northern Ireland’s creative industry.

“UTV has invested significantly to bring this technology to Belfast and we are looking forward to working with the media and creative industries to experience with the studio to see just how far we can push its creative boundaries,” he said.

The studio can be adapted to any chroma key colour including blue and white, with the ability to record a 180 degree wide viewing angle.

UTV head of resources, Sean Ferrin, said: “As the media and creative industry develops in Northern Ireland, there is growing demand for a more sophisticated kind of green screen facility.

“Traditional chroma key is flat and only allows limited options for programme makers, yet this new 180 degree infinity curve will instead allow for real depth to moving images and put people ‘in the picture’ rather than in front of it.”