Dutch company Delta Solutions will launch a new version of VidiGo Live at IBC that will allow Flash video and audio - such as Youtube clips - to be added directly into live TV programming.

VidiGo Live is a software product that runs on standard hardware and replaces the traditional TV production environment.

It handles overlays, chromakey, videofile playback, audio playback and mixing all from a PC, removing the need for a hardware gallery.

It also enables substantial automation of the workflow of creating live television.

“This revolutionary breakthrough will change the world of interactive television”, said Reinout Lempers of Delta Solutions.

“VidiGo Live is already unique in bringing Flash graphics, including alpha, into broadcasting. The latest version also supports audio. Web content, (interactive) graphics, RSS feeds, real-time statistics, and video can be integrated into broadcasts easier than ever.

“With our Software Development Kit (SDK), Flash developers can build their own images including a Flash based remote control. This enables video producers to use the most professional interactive graphics, with real time control, at a low cost compared to any other system in the market.

Instead of using time and cost consuming experts to develop graphics in complex computer languages like C++, the VidiGo Flash Graphic Engine makes professional graphics available to a wider range of users.

In the first quarter of 2009 Delta Solutions will launch a stand-alone version of VidiGo Graphics. This stand-alone version can be used in existing traditional TV galleries.