Virgin Media Television has upgraded to ScheduALL Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software at its Creative Village post-production facility.

The software is being used to manage promo creation and compliance versioning for programming delivered to digital television platforms including Virgin Media, Sky Digital, and Freeview. 

ScheduALL enables the facility to measure and monitor the use and productivity of its various resources and relate this data to project and budget targets.

“We run our promos department as a bookable, chargeable facility with resources broken down by cost,” said Dan Marbrook, post-production manager at Virgin Media TV.

“ScheduALL gives us the means to manage and track the use of those resources so that we maintain a high level of productivity and meet our contract requirements.”

Virgin Media TV works with technology partner Red Bee Media to provide broadcast, post-production, and transmission services.

Channels include Living, Living 2, Bravo, Bravo 2, Virgin 1, and Challenge.