Camera peripherals and accessories group Vitec will continue its 2008 spending spree by acquiring the Technologies Talkdynamics business for£1.4m.

Vitec has acquired the intellectual property rights and retained ‘certain' employees of the Canadian software development company.

Talkdynamics, an existing supplier to Vitec's Clear-Com subsidiary, provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software.

Talkdynamics will remain in Montreal, where it benefits from attractive R&D tax credits and grants, and will become part of the Clear-Com business unit within the Broadcast Systems Division of Vitec.

The gross assets that are the subject of the acquisition are expected to be£1.4m. The acquisition will be funded from existing resources.

Vitec interim chief executive Alastair Hewgill said: "Talkdynamics is well known to Vitec, having worked with our Clear-Com business for several years in the development of certain of Clear-Com's products. The acquisition will enhance our position as a leading supplier of VoIP communication systems."

Vitec bought Litepanels and The Camera Store earlier this year, having picked up RF Central in 2007.

Vitec is based in Kingston upon Thames-based and owns a host of broadcast equipment manufacturers including Vinton, Radamec, Anton Bauer, Drake, Satchler and Autoscript.

It was founded in 1910 as a movie-camera maker.