Post Platform
Client Working Title Television
Brief Picture and audio post-production of the third series of the family-friendly surreal comedy.
How it was done More than 800 VFX shots were completed in-house by Platform’s VFX team, led by supervisor and VFX artist Anthony Jarvis. Much of the work involved the creation of a portal to the fantastical world of Yonderland, which wascreated entirely in Flame using particles, volumetric lighting and practical smoke elements. The grade was completed by Enge Gray in Baselight. He helped to give the two distinct worlds their own identity as well as creating unique looks for thedifferent locations within Yonderland. The overall look of Yonderland was enriched using layer blending on each scene, which adds a filmic density and richness to the image.
Watch it Sundays, 6.30pm, Sky 1