NAB 2015: zLense has launched zLense Studio, a turnkey system for the creation of on-air 3D effects.

A single operator can use zLense Studio can apply state-of-the-art visual environments that until now were unattainable without special studio set-ups, the company said.

“Operating in real 3D, zLense Studio generates a Z (depth) composite with appropriate rendering engines to enable the creation of shots that cannot be achieved with traditional, layer keying solutions,” said zLense president Bruno Gyorgy (pictured).

“In addition, workflow becomes much simpler - the consequence of which is cost savings that create a level playing field when it comes to creating eye-catching visual effects that transform the viewing experience.

“This game-changing development goes beyond simply increasing the resolution of the 2D picture and is working with high resolution 2K, 4K and beyond,”

The zLense Studio software has been developed in collaboration with Akatona Technologies, a producer of broadcast graphics software modules and virtual studios whose new rendering engine can use zLense Studio’s data to generate and use a Z composite.

The zLense platform is also able to integrate with other rendering engines provided they are layer-based and can support the delivery of tracking and depth Z information.