Sony has unveiled a new range of HD LCD monitors.

The new models consist of the LMD-A240 (24-inch, 1920x1200), the LMD-A220 (22-inch, 1920x1080), and the LMD-A170 (17-inch, 1920x1080).

The manufacturer said the LMD-A series monitors were developed as part of a broader redesigning of the company’s professional monitor line-up to become lighter and slimmer in build.

The launch follows the November release of the company’s PVM-A series Trimaster EL OLED monitors.

“This new line-up really broadens our offering to customers, providing an unrivalled selection of professional monitors to meet their varying needs,” said Sony Europe senior product marketing manager Daniel Dubreuil.  

“Their innovative chassis design makes the monitors perfect for use in situations with portability demands or space constraints, such as in OB vans.”