Autodesk has sold a Smoke editing and finishing system to Channel 4's post-production department 124 Facilities.

The system will be used to finish trailers for C4, E4 and More 4. It was supplied and installed by reseller XTFX and replaces an existing Quantel Editbox.

124 managing director Tony Chamberlain said he made the purchase to save money on outsourcing post-production work.

“We were finding that more and more finishing was being done out of house, so we decided to invest in a finishing/effects system,” he said. “From a user point of view, it's the system the editors and clients are most happy with.”

Smoke was chosen after a round of testing that also involved systems from other vendors.
124 Facilities' client base is made up entirely of internal C4 departments.

These include Creative Services for C4, Film 4, E4 and More 4, as well as programme acquisitions, commissioning, programme management and 4 Creative and marketing.

Autodesk Smoke allows users to edit video and audio, do compositing and colour correction, design titles, conform and carry out tracking and stabilisation work.