Authoring and duplication facility 24-7 DVD has invested£170,000 in a Tapematic 2Print digital DVD and Blu-ray disc six-colour printer.

The Tapematic machine prints directly on to the disc with no need for plates, screens, films or a pre-print process and can produce up to 1,500 discs an hour.

24-7 director Symon Roue explained that printing DVD and Blu-ray discs can be problematic. “It can cost£70 to run a batch off a traditional silk screen printer regardless of the batch's size,” he said. “With this new system the set-up costs are minimal.”

Roue says that the company's DVD production has grown between 20% and 30% year on year for the past seven years. He attributes the growth to having a diverse client base.

“Around 65% of our clients are corporate, with 35% of the work coming from TV, film and music,” he said.

24-7 comprises 20 staff and has been running since 2001 with clients including IMG, BBC, Universal and Paramount.