Picture and audio post production on the 6 x 60-minute series for Channel 4.

Post The Farm

Client Blast!

Brief Picture and audio post production on 6 x 60-minute series for Channel 4. The series follows ambulance staff across the country, as paramedics and call handlers speak about the challenges they face and patients and their loved ones reveal the story behind their call for help.

How it was done Sonny Sheridan graded the series on the Nucoda Film Master, utilising several of its attributes to give the series its distinctive look. Sheridan used clarity for some underexposed pictures, to make them sharper and less noisy.

The use of HLS (hue, lightness, and saturation) helped emphasise the subtle tint of hues within the series, whilst the use of vignettes during the interview scenes focuses the audience on the subject.

Overall Sheridan’s grade enhanced the gritty real life drama of the series, complimenting the content with a natural substance.

Tim Ellison completed the online with Symphony and Nigel Edwards mixed the audio with Pro Tools 10.

Watch it Mondays, 9pm, Channel 4