Adder Technology has launched three new products, including the AdderLink Infinity 1002 digital KVM extender.

It has also released the CCS4-Pro switch and X-DVI Pro DL extender.

The AdderLink Infinity 1002 Digital KVM extender, which was unveiled at Broadcast Asia this week, adds redundant network operation and the opportunity for network teaming.

“The AdderLink Infinity 1002 is based on the 1000 and as such incorporates all the same features, such as video encoding, as well as enhanced functionality like the a port for fibre connection which ensures that signals can be extended over great distances, often several miles,” said Adder Technology senior product manager John Halksworth.

Adder said the CCS4-Pro Switch provides an intuitive way for users to switch between disparate systems.

It also features a network port for remote access and management of devices.

“With the presence of the network port users can easily see which port is in use, in real time, and switch remotely if needed.

“The presence of the port also means that firmware upgrades can be carried out in a matter of minutes, which is a distinct benefit for environments that feature tens, if not hundreds of these devices,” added Halksworth.

The X-DVI Pro DL Extender incorporates full dual link resolution capability up to 2560 x 1600.

It also transmits a dual link video stream along with audio over a single CATx cable for up to 50 metres.