Adobe’s Project Primetime is being used by the BBC to deliver live streams and video-on-demand footage of the Olympic Games.

In one of the first uses of key aspects of the video platform, Primetime Simulcast is used to stream live broadcast feeds to desktops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

Primetime Highlights also enables the broadcaster to create and deliver VoD coverage of live events using a single workflow.

Adobe senior technical evangelist Steve Allison said: “The combination of watching one of 24 streams, being able to rewind them, and having readily available statistics, is new for this Olympics.”

The BBC has seen record breaking traffic on its sport website, with 1.1 million video users and 3.3 million video plays on the first day of the games.

“It has been quite a challenge,” added Allison. “But by using standard web protocol HTTP and the caching capability of CDN (content delivery network), the system is scaleable to the kind of volume we’re expecting.”