NAB 2016: Adobe is to add new proxy workflows and virtual reality crafting capabilities to its Premiere Pro editing software as it looks to keep pace with the proliferation of formats and rising interest in immersive video.

New proxy workflows in Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder CC will be introduced so that users of the software can work with 8K, HDR and HFR media and switch between native and proxy formats.

Director of product management Bill Roberts (pictured) said: “Resolutions are continuing to fragment into more options that give more differentiated experiences. What excites us is the ability to deliver more colour and light to the consumer…we are living in an age where for a video producer there has never more complexity, but there has also never more opportunity.

“It’s about mastering workflows in this multi resolution, multi frame rate, HDR VR world.”

The upcoming release, which will be available in the summer, will include ‘field of view’ mode for spherical stitched VR media. Other features will include the ability to immediately begin editing footage during ingest while video and audio files are imported.

Adobe senior product manager Al Mooney said there had been an “incredible change” in the type of media that professionals now have to work with. “People are constantly thrown 4K, 6K, 8K content and not just big frames, there is also more data with HDR, WCG, more frame rates.”

Mooney said that Premiere Pro’s “rich native format support” would be improved with the release with new formats supported.

“The more people need to work with these huge files and the more desire to work on lighter weight devices we realised it was time to introduce some more advanced media management functionality.”

The updates are part of a raft of changes to Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite of software applications that will be shown at NAB.