Aframe will this week begin offering a white-label storage and sales service for post houses and production firms that want to sell their archived programmes and rushes.

Key to the service is the use of metadata, which Aframe will add to the content. Users can then co-manage a sales website with Aframe, or the tech firm’s API can be used to link to their own site.

Chief commercial officer Paul Goodliffe described the service as “the final piece of the jigsaw” for the technology start-up, which launched at the end of last year.

“It has always been our intention to deliver, store and then help to monetise content. When we pitch Aframe to production firms, they are always interested in ways to make money out of their programmes and rushes,” he said.

Aframe is currently working towards rolling out the service with an unnamed archiving firm, and is in talks with post houses and production companies.

Goodliffe said individual users could also benefit from the service. He gave the example of a wildlife cameraman with a garage full of rushes.

“Some cameramen would shoot footage and, to reduce costs, broadcasters like the BBC would license it. So when ownership reverts back to the cameraman, he’s potentially got a pension plan sat there, but it needs to be exploited.

“The content needs to be tagged and stored but individuals often don’t have time or capital for that kind of investment.”

The cost of the service will be based on the size of the archive and the complexity of integrating to the content owner’s website.