NAB 2012: AmberFin will introduce software-based multi-transcode capabilities for iCR at this year’s show.

With the new multi-transcode option, users can run up to eight different transcode nodes simultaneously or on a single PC, reducing the cost per channel.

AmberFin has designed iCR for integration with MAMs, DAMs and multi-vendor environments. The company said that iCR’s new multi-transcode option brings increased quality, improved productivity and ease of integration to iCR users, and can be configured with 1, 2, 4 or 8 nodes.

AmberFin chief technology officer Bruce Devlin said: “We’ve designed the new multi-core option for iCR to be modular and scalable, so customers can choose the best solution to fit their needs.”

ICR minimises picture degradation and generational loss. Unique interlace, progressive and frame rate algorithms within the iCR software ensure high-quality results for codecs, according to AmberFin.