London audio house Aquarium has entered into a joint venture with Dublin picture post facility Egg.

The two companies will launch Aquarium at Egg, featuring a 7.1 dubbing theatre, within Egg’s Fitzwilliam Street headquarters.

The cost of building the studio has been shared, with Aquarium shipping its Neve DFC Gemini console from its St Anne’s premises in London to Dublin.

Aquarium managing director Sean O’Shea said: “The desk was one of about a dozen in Soho, but as far as we know, it will be the only one in Ireland. It will give us the capability to work across highend TV drama and feature films.”

Aquarium will be responsible for staffing the studio, with Aquarium owner and Bafta-winning sound mixer Ben Baird supervising the final mix of projects undertaken at the facility.

“We have UK clients interested in the facility because of Section 481 [tax relief scheme for TV and film work] in Ireland, plus they have the added confidence of a base in London,” said O’Shea.

“Under the tax relief scheme, we do have to be careful that work undertaken in Ireland is carried out there, but we can offer ADR if actors are in London.”

O’Shea said Aquarium was keen to replicate the franchise model. “We are looking at Scotland, but we decided against Northern Ireland because there’s just not enough work to make it viable. Any further franchises will be led by the availability of work.”