Audio post house Aquarium has expanded into Worldwide Studios in St Anne's Court and spent£200,000 on the refit of two new studios.

The company has installed a 24-fader DFC Gemini console into -studio 1, enabling the provision of services for high-end dramas and docs. Studio 2 has been refitted as an ADR and Foley room.

The company's spend has been moderate as it inherited equipment from Worldwide including Dolby accredited JBL surround kit as well as a 35/16mm film projector and a full set of 16/35 interchangeable multi-track recording and replay machines.

Aquarium managing director Peter Joly said: “This is a natural progression for us as our drama clients have moved into film; we can offer services on much bigger projects.”

Aquarium's first project to go through the studio will be Shine's The Last Van Helsing (working title).