NAB 2014: Object Matrix has launched an AS-11 search option for its MatrixStore nearline storage platform.

The new functionality allows finished or legacy content in the AS-11 format to be securely preserved in a MatrixStore vault with its associated metadata extracted for use later on when searching for the content.

From October, AS-11 files will be the preferred delivery format for UK broadcasters.

“The strength of MatrixStore is to provide management free digital preservation of our customers data, from MD5 integrity checks on ingest to ongoing data verification throughout the lifetime of the data,” said Object Matrix managing director Jon Morgan.

“Making MatrixStore AS-11 and MXF aware enables our customers to find their content with our without a media asset management interface.

“It therefore drives down the cost of managing, finding and re-using content on demand.”

AS-11 search is expected to launch at IBC in September.