Atomos is now shipping its Ninja Star ProRes recorder.

The Ninja Star, which captures 422, 10-bit images straight from a camera’s sensor, weighs 240 grams.

Launched at NAB, it has been designed for use with cameras attached to drones, radio controlled helicopters and other UAVs.

Atomos founder and chief executive Jeromy Young said: “We have priced this for the masses, broken the barrier to flash media cost by offering affordable CFast and supplied clever cabling solutions that customers desire.

“There is now no reason for professionals with a camera purchased in the last ten years not to have the best recording available with ProRes and Ninja Star”

Atomos CFast 1.0 media (64GB and 128GB), custom HDMI cables and a CFast USB 3 reader are included with the Ninja Star, which costs £179.