Avid has started shipping the latest version of Pro Tools, although two major plug-in developers say they are not yet able to support the overhauled software.

Pro Tools 11 includes a 64-bit architecture and offline bounce, which Avid says delivers mixes up to 150 times faster than real time.

But developer Waves said it is still working with Avid to prepare AAX native support, while Celemony said it was unable to support Pro Tools 11 on release because of a bug preventing its Melodyne plug-in playing back audio at 96 or 192 kHz.

Avid said it was working with Celemony to fix the problem and that “hundreds” of Pro Tools 11-compatible 64-bit plug-ins are available.

“Avid provided Pro Tools 11 support and materials to developers well in advance of scheduled releases and there have been no other compatibility issues reported to date,” a spokesman said.

“We plan to announce and deliver a solution to our customers shortly.”