LipSync has added award-winning re-recording mixer Robert Farr to its sound department.

The former Goldcrest Studios man will work across both television and film projects.

His most recent work has been done as a freelancer on the films Happy Go Lucky and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Farr said: “LipSync has a very good reputation in the industry, I have only heard good things about the sound department and the facility, so I am very excited to join them. LipSync's increasing involvement at the production stage also means that we can get involved in projects right from the start, which is a great treat for me.”

Farr won the Conch Award for Best Film Soundtrack in 2008 and is the recipient of six Motion Picture Sound Editor (MPSE) awards and nominations, for films including The Fisher King, Gangs of New York and Tideland.