FilmLight has launched Baselight for Final Cut Pro 7.

The FCP version of the grading tool allows users to create and apply colour grades to projects using the same tools that are found in a full Baselight system.

Grading data generated by Baselight for FCP can be exchanged with full Baselight systems, so content can be pre-graded in the FCP application and exported to Baselight for final adjustments.

FilmLight co-founder Wolfgang Lempp said: “Baselight for Final Cut Pro makes high quality colour grading available to many new users, but more importantly it can play a big part in the accurate and flexible communication of the creative intent throughout the post-production process.”

Included in the software are multi-layered grades and FilmLight’s Truelight colour management system.

In a statement, the company said that although Final Cut Pro X was launched by Apple last summer, “FCP7 is still the preferred choice of the professional editing community for which this product is intended”.

FilmLight said it would develop similar products for other software packages, including “popular compositing and visual effects solutions”.

Baselight for FCP 7 features include:

• multiple layers of keyframed colour grading in the FCP timeline

• professional Truelight colour management.

• export/import grades via FCP XML to/from full Baselight systems

• methods to adjust colour: from lift-gamma-gain controls, film-style grading (with adjustable ‘S’ curve regions), through to full RGB and HSL curve-based grading

• secondary grading and garbage-matting via built-in soft-edged Bezier shapes, luma and chroma keys or a combination

• apply multiple layers within a single instance of the plug-in

• secondary grades are inside/outside layers allowing different colour and effects to be applied to either side of the layer

• built-in filters (blur, sharpen, soften etc.) can also be applied through layer isolation

The software will cost £627 ($995)

FilmLight will demonstrate Baselight for Final Cut Pro at next month’s NAB trade show and conference.