The BBC Academy is hosting a series of training events to help producers, production managers, editors and engineers prepare for the upcoming shift to file-based delivery.

From October, ITV and Channel 4 will join Channel 5 in no longer accepting programmes delivered on tape. The same month, the BBC will start its own move to file delivery.

As the industry shifts away from tape-based delivery there will also be changes to the QC process, with checks to be be carried out before delivery using automated systems, supported by eyeball checks.

‘File Delivery Made Real’ is a series of training sessions organised by the BBC Academy to prepare the industry for the Digital Production Partnership-led (DPP) changes.

They are aimed at staff working within UK broadcasters, independent production companies, post-production houses and freelancers.

The events will include demonstrations for creating, reviewing and delivering DPP-compliant AS-11 files with hands-on exercises to familiarise production, post-production and technical staff with the skills required to successfully build file delivery into their workflows.

The first event will take place on 30 June in Salford and will be followed by further sessions in July in Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff and London.  

There will be two streams; one for producers, production managers and heads of production; the other will be for editors, technical operators and engineers.

Course content:

  • File mastering, QC and delivery overview
  • Advantages of file delivery
  • Producers’ responsibility to deliver a technically compliant programme
  • Preparing your programme for file delivery
  • ‘Eyeball’ checks that everyone can do
  • Encoding your file and supplying descriptive metadata
  • Automatic quality checking in practice and QC reporting to the broadcaster
  • Uploading your programme to the broadcaster
  • Additional Q&A session for producers and production managers will include the impact of file delivery on the production workflow and scheduling
  • Top-tips for efficient file mastering and delivery
  • Additional technical presentations for operational and engineering personnel will include the AS-11 format, the theory behind AQC and techniques for securely transferring files across IP networks

The events are free of charge but delegates need to work in applicable roles.

For more information and the full list of events visit the BBC Academy website.