Systems integrator TSL has installed dual Colossus V3 playout automation systems in separate sites in Belfast for BBC Northern Ireland.

The two systems, made by Omnibus Systems, are linked to provide back-up and redundancy capability in the event of failure or required maintenance at either facility.

The dual Colossus system is based on four channels of playout capability with OmniBus G3 cache management to play localised versions of BBC1 and BBC2.

The OmniBus Lines Record application is used for ingesting local programmes and to timeshift material for later playout, allowing for insertion of regional content.

The two channels are broadcast from separate buildings, with the ability to switch either instantly to the other site with Colossus's Throw Backup feature.

Robert Stopford, vice president of sales at OmniBus Systems said: "With the system configured this way, operators at one site can press a single button to transfer the schedule of either channel to the other site, and control either site from the other.”

Colossus V3 is a timeline-based, multi-channel, multi-delivery automation and control system with tools for ingest, quality assurance, content management, workflow management and interfacing with archive systems.

OmniBus Systems makes automation and content management products for the broadcast industry.

TSL is an independent systems integrator based in Berkshire.