Distribution companies IMD and Beam.tv are teaming up to launch a new service for the television commercials market that will make adding subtitles part of the distribution process.

AdText is an in-house, file-based operation that that allows Beam TV to add its own subtitles, cutting out the need to send ads to a specialist subtitling houses before they are sent to IMD.

Beam.tv sends more than 20,000 commercials around the world each day.

AdText is due to be operational in August. It will be staffed by a dedicated team.

Initially the new service will be overseen by Noreen Connolly, director of broadcast.

Connolly believes that the AdText service will help to speed up the time it takes to get a commercial to air. She said: “The time available to turn around a broadcast campaign is constantly shrinking as clients take advantage of digital workflows. TV campaigns can be highly reactive and need to meet on-air deadlines that were unimaginable a year or two ago.

“As part of this development it is vital that critical services like subtitling are fully integrated into the digital distribution process.”

To coincide with the launch of AdText, Beam.tv has recruited June Johnson as sales director. She will join in August and take on a wide-ranging business development role that will include heading up AdText.

Beam.tv is a digital advertising distribution network. A sister company of post house The Mill, Beam.tv was established in 2000 and saves agencies, global networks, production companies and advertisers time and money by eliminating the need for videotapes and shipping. It currently has 14 international offices.

IMD services are operated through four businesses: IMD TV and IMD Radio, which delivers ads aired across the UK, IMD Optimad and IMD Fastrax which distributes music videos to TV channels.