Yorkshire based manufacturer Calrec has revealed exactly how it builds its audio consoles in a special behind-the-scenes promotional video. 

Narrated by operations manager Dave Carr the five-minute movie shows the end-to-end process of manufacturing a Calrec desk from cutting the metal to custom wiring and module fitting.

It was shot entirely on location at the company’s Nutclough Mill factory in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Carr said: “Calrec is a very vertically intergrated company, unusually so in this market sector. About a third of the workforce is R&D, and the other two thirds is split between manufacturing and support services. Every step of the manufacturing process and every element of development is carried out in-house, which helps Calrec guarantee a quality control process which we believe is unsurpassed in the broadcast console marketplace.”

To watch the video follow this link: http://community.calrec.com/?p=1525