The British Internet Broadcasting Company (BIBC) has sold its web-based ReelMaster digitisation and distribution services to a major central and eastern European broadcaster.

The online video exchange portal will be used by Central European Media Enterprises (CME). It will eliminate the need to transfer tapes and DVDs between stations.

The system will help to reduce the time and costs previously incurred through posting video footage.

BiBC's ReelMaster technology digitises the whole distribution process, including download, upload, customer management and archive searching.

Maria Rakhmatullina, region manager for projects development of CME said: “We have been looking at a number of options to streamline our internal screeners exchange process and in the end decided to outsource portal development and management to BiBC. We are confident that the new system will pay off both in cost and time savings.”

The on-line service will be capable of storing and distributing multiple video files of different formats and sizes. The system will allow CME staff to upload, stream and download content, tag individual items and search for relevant videos. It has full archive search capability.

CME is a TV broadcasting company operating leading networks in six Central and Eastern European countries located in Croatia (Nova TV), Czech Republic (TV Nova, Galaxie Sport, Nova Cinema), Romania (PRO TV, PRO TV International, Acasa, PRO Cinema, and MTV Romania), Slovakia (Markíza, Galaxie Sport), Slovenia (POP TV, Kanal A) and Ukraine (Studio 1+1, Studio 1+1 International, Kino, Citi).

Paul Hague, managing director of BiBC said: “It is simply outrageous that in the modern digital world, content owners have to go through the laborious process of posting video reels to one another. Digitisation is a long-overdue necessity for many companies in order to save time and money and it is good to see that CME is leading this charge.”

The British Internet Broadcasting Company, BIBC, is a privately owned company, founded in 2000. BiBC is pioneering the use of the web as a multimedia distribution platform. BiBC allows content and brand owners to outsource the creation, distribution and payment for digital content over the web.