Complete VFX and titles for the second series of the dark Channel 4 satire.

Post Technicolor

Client Zeppotron

Brief Complete VFX and titles for the second series of Charlie Brooker’s dark Channel 4 satire.

How it was done Technicolor’s editing and design teams worked with Joel Collins and Dan May of Painting Practice, with the two teams completing around 300 VFX shots across the three-part series, as well as designing animation, motion graphics and the title sequence.

VFX requirements ranged from subtle rope removals to more ambitious set extensions.

The range of VFX work on the second programme, The Waldo Moment, included compositing an animation from Passion Pictures onto the side of a moving van, adding an audience to a TV studio, TV inserts and compositing message boards onto giant wall screens.

The work was done by senior editor and Avid DS artist Simon Giblin.

Watch it Mondays, 10pm, Channel 4

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