Blackmagic Design is introducing a software-only version of the DaVinci Resolve colour corrector that runs on an Apple Mac.

It will handle SD, HD and 2K and allow colourists to rotate images, re-frame, add corrections, blurs and trackers in real time.

A third-party control panel will be required along with a single CUDA capable GPU card. 

The new Mac software only version of DaVinci Resolve will retail at $995.

Historically, DaVinci Resolve systems were pre-built and priced between $200,000 and $800,000.

At NAB 2010, Blackmagic is showing three versions of Resolve:

  • The new Mac based software only version
  • A Mac based version that includes the DaVinci Resolve control surface,
  • A high end Linux version

Resolve Version 7.0 also includes an upgraded user interface, improved video field support, a new EDL library and improved shared database support.

Grant Petty, the chief executive of Blackmagic Design, said: “We think this new DaVinci product lineup will make it easy for beginners to get started with a professional product, as well as allow high end facilities to install the seriously powerful systems they need for feature film work without breaking the bank.”

Blackmagic bought DaVinci in 2009.