IBC 2015: Blackmagic Design’s Ursa Mini camera will ship this month, according to the company’s chief executive Grant Petty.

Petty said the manufacturer has started to build the Mini but that there had been some delays related to the camera’s metalwork.

“We have had the chance to add some nice updates since we launched the camera at NAB,” he said.

“We have included the reference video input and the timecode on the same connector so we now have a free connection for adding 12G-SDI input. This will let us use the Ursa Mini with an external recorder but also means we can user Ursa Mini as a live production or studio camera.”

A B4 lens mount has also been added.

However, the GPS feature has been removed because Blackmagic could not get reliable satellite reception.

“This is a shame as I love GPS and wanted to be able to tag the location into the files when shooting outdoors,” said Petty.