Executives from Blue post production and indie Tiger Aspect have clashed over whether the trend towards shooting with user friendly cameras and employing multi-skilled staff is a positive thing for TV production.

Speaking at ‘Shaping technology for your business‘ during Broadcast Live and Video Forum today (Friday), Sara Hill, blue production executive, said the trend towards asking APs to shoot footage was resulting in post production becoming a rescue process.

She said “Rather than spend time making things look beautiful and enhancing them, we spend time fixing them.”

But Tiger Aspect factual development producer Ian Lamarra disagreed. He said: “With budgets going down and turnarounds tighter, we don't have time to indulge in the kind of craft you're talking about. With multi-channel budgets, a multi-skilled team is inevitable.”

The pair also disagreed over whether the emphasis in “multi-skilling” should be on the multi or skill.

However they agreed that choosing the staff with the right level of skills for specific projects was a matter of “horse for courses”.

“It's a case of identifying which content needs to be beautifully crafted,” Lamarra said. He also revealed that the ability to shoot basic footage is now a key requirement for APs when job hunting.

He said: “All the APs coming through can self-shoot, and if not we tell them to go and get that skill.”