Blue-Zoo has completed its first stereoscopic 3D titles, for upcoming Sky doc Meerkats 3D.

Commissioned by Oxford Scientific Films, the animation studio set out to avoid what it described as “stereotypical over-the-top 3D gimmicks”.

Blue-Zoo said it used subtle lighting effects and lens artefacts to give the sequence depth and finesse.

The different elements of the titles were combined using Adobe’s After Effects 5.5 stereo tools, while the final post-production was completed at Onsight.

Blue-Zoo founder Tom Box said he hoped to work on more 3D projects in future.

“This short-term project has allowed us to highlight our creativity and produce a firstclass sequence,” he said.

Meerkats 3D is the first stereoscopic programme to be produced by Oxford Scientific Films, in association with Sky 3D and National Geographic. It is due to TX in the autumn.