Provide picture and audio post-production for the comedy drama

Post BBC Scotland

Client BBC

Brief Provide picture and audio post-production for the 6 x 30-minute comedy drama.

How it was done The first three episodes were shot on XDCam, but when three more were commissioned, LOG C Pro Res 422 on the Arri Alexa was used instead.

The different images needed a consistent look, with colourist Colin Brown using Baselight for the grade.

Dubbing mixer Paul Flitcroft mixed the series using Pro Tools v10 with an Icon D-Control surface. The most challenging aspect of the audio post was the ADR.

The blustery conditions in Scotland left the sync unusable on more than one occasion, and with the availability of actors proving a problem, the cast used smartphones to capture some dialogue.

Flitcroft worked with Ben Brazier, Kenny Clark, Phillip Barrett and his team at Universal Sound.

Watch it Wednesdays, 10pm, BBC4

Bob Servant Independent