Grade the third series of Borgen

Grade Norman Nisbet

Client DR

Brief: Grade the third series of Borgen, balancing an overall mood with the individual styles and interpretations of each episode’s director and DoP team.

How it was done Colourist Norman Nisbet used DaVinci Resolve to achieve the classically cinematic look set by director Charlotte Sieling and DoP Jørgen Johansson, with a lot of natural daylight and warm skin tones.

Home scenes are given a warm and friendly look with lots of rich contrast, while the scenes in the parliament buildings are much cooler and slightly harder, but detail in the shadows and highlights were extracted with Resolve.

The third series was shot on the Alexa, and the DoP purposely underexposed the material half a stop, which gave Nisbet additional texture in the shadows, which were enhanced in the grade.

Watch it Saturday, 9pm, BBC4