Outside broadcast technology firm Boxx.tv is increasing its wireless coverage of London, with plans to boost its streaming service in time for next year’s London Olympics.

Boxx.tv co-founder Scott Walker told Broadcast the company’s new Street-Live system, which made its debut at last month’s royal wedding, could help broadcasters make significant savings by replacing the need for satellite trucks in two locations.

The set-up uses microwave links to connect to the internet, so broadcasters can stream pictures via a network of hot spots, meaning platforms such as Quicklink or Streambox can replace a satellite truck in central London.

“With our system, broadcasters can buy an 8Mbps slot for one hour,” Walker said. “It’s more costeffective and a move away from traditional satellite uplink services.”

Street-Live, which has been in development for the past 12 months, works by selecting the best channel in the licence-exempt 5-6GHz spectrum, which operates without the usual licensing needs set out by spectrum management company JFMG.

The network offers up to 20Mbits upload speeds for the streaming of live HD pictures or the uploading of large video files.

Walker said some broadcasters use similar dedicated systems, but this is the first time it has been widely offered as a service.

It was used by TV2 Denmark with Quicklink.tv to stream live pictures from last month’s royal wedding.

“The royal wedding was a great test, now the long-term focus is the Olympics,” Walker said.

“Street- Live will be suitable for non-rights holders who want to stand outside the gates of the stadium.”

Boxx.tv plans to build coverage for Wimbledon and the Queens Club tennis championships, together with plans to add hot spots around Leicester Square.