Manchester United and Chelsea won't be the only English participants in next week's Champions League finals, as key Sky Sports personnel and Staines-based outside broadcast company NEP Visions will be providing the host feed from Moscow.

Working with host broadcasters NTV and RTR, the multi-lateral high-definition coverage for broadcasters around the world will be facilitated by NEP Visions and led by Sky senior football director Tony Mills.

Over 100 technical and production staff and more than 30 cameras, including SpiderCam, Super Tri Motion cameras, wireless cameras, vertical tracking cameras and “in-goal” technology will be used. The state-of-the-art kit matches the magnitude of the event. NEP Visions operations director John Turnbull said: “The technology is current but the sheer volume is significantly different from standard coverage.”

Mills, who also directed the final in Istanbul in 2005 and Athens in 2007, is particularly keen on a prototype camera from Presteigne that is being used. The tiny (70mm x 50 x 48) HD camera, tested for the first time at Stamford Bridge last Sunday, sits inside the goal and can zoom, tilt and pan 360 degrees. Mills said: “It gives a goalkeeper's perspectiveand offers a unique replay angle.”

SpiderCam is a flying camera system that provides HD feeds from above at speeds of up to 10m a second. The coverage will also benefit from wireless Steadicam. It has not featured in previous coverage in Moscow as the authorities feared signals would interfere with security systems.

Sky and ITV, which are broadcasting the final in the UK, will both provide their own production set-ups in Moscow for isolated incidents, pre-match build-up and half-time and full-time coverage.