Broadcast’s indie influencers, execs hail their mentors, plus linear - how long has it got?

Jane featherstone

Indie influencers 2019

Sister founder Jane Featherstone heads up our list of the top 20 execs making waves in TV right now



Linear: how long has it got?

With youngsters deserting traditional TV schedules, is the industry hurtling towards an on-demand-only future?



The Brits making waves across the pond

British executives who have made their mark in the US talk about embracing the opportunities afforded by globalisation



UK ratings 2006 - 2019: the changing shape of audiences

With significantly fewer viewers watching live TV in primetime, Stephen Price explores the decline of the soaps, but finds a raft of old entertainment juggernauts are still going strong


Fiona McDermott and Shane Allen

Meet my mentor

Leading industry figures reveal the people who have been the biggest inspiration in their careers – providing them with support, advice, inspiration - and the occasional bollocking



Roundtable: Changing times for distributors

Leading acquisition execs discuss how rapid growth in the international content market is affecting their business – from sourcing IP to working with third parties



Working in the production pressure cooker

What are producers doing to improve their work culture and protect their staff?



First steps on a long journey

While broadcasters have made some progress towards being more inclusive on and off screen, diversity experts say many challenges still lie ahead


MediaCity UK

MediaCityUK: 10 years in business

A decade after the BBC moved several key departments to the north-west, has the initiative worked and what lessons can be learned by Channel 4?



Turning the lens on duty of care

Three leading television documentary-makers reveal how they approach access and ensure contributor wellbeing