It enables advertisers to see how an ad appeared on a specific channel and at what point during a live event


Playout services specialist Skandha Media Services has launched an AI-based ad verification tool for live sports platforms. 

The tool, called Evince, automates the detection and capture of ad elements on multiple live sport streams, to store proof of delivery.

It enables advertising agencies and advertisers to see how an ad appeared on a specific channel via mobile, digital, or connected TV, and at what point during a live event.

The product ensures contractual obligations are met, by providing advertisers with automated visual proof-of-delivery.

Evince uses AI to detect ad elements displayed in a live sport stream. It captures and records each one as a video or image file with timestamps, using metadata to automate file names relating to the commercial ID and brand.

The files are instantaneously and securely stored in the cloud so each ad insertion record can be accessed reliably in real-time.

Skandha developed the AI-based technology after a customer approached them to find a way to provide visual proof to their advertisers that 100% of ads were being served and displayed correctly during the streaming of a live cricket match.

“This technology goes far beyond providing traditional logs for a live sports stream that may be firing hundreds and even thousands of ads over the full length of a live game or competition,” said Yogesh Salian, director of client services at Skandha Media Services.

“The advertising agency not only has the ability to check that a particular ad appeared visually correctly during an event on a specific stream or platform, but also that it was delivered at a specific time, or in a particular spot, for the expected duration.”

He continues: “Initially we implemented a manual process to monitor and record screenshots and videos of each ad on multiple streams during the match. The manpower and resources to accomplish this level of verification was unsustainable. This is when we introduced machine learning to automate the process – training cameras to identify and capture ad elements. With Evince, we can deliver super-efficient ad verification and next-level proof of delivery that simply did not exist before.”