League will offer sides with higher audience ratings more of its revenues

LaLiga stadium football crowd

LaLiga has announced a financial incentive for clubs to increase the access given to broadcasts.

Two thirds of the of its “audience recognition” revenue share (which is 25% of its broadcast income), which is usually given to the most watched teams, will now be half decided in the same manner and half calculated by each club’s audience ratings multiplied by the average audience generated.

The league claims this aims to encourage its clubs to offer more interviews with coaching staff, pre-match footage from inside changing rooms, and greater involvement of players across all different broadcast formats.

This comes as LaLiga relaunched its app with a feature that allows fans to share near-live goal clips from the current season as well as archive footage from the past six years, and it announced a range of new camera angles for the 2023/24 campaign.

The new cameras and angles include cinematic cameras situated in new locations “much closer to the players”, new drones with better image quality, an aerial camera that is positioned lower than the current one to show penalties and fouls from the players’ points of view, and cameras on the team benches to see player reactions and how the players watch their teammates.