Complete picture post for ITV’s eight-part crime series

Post Deluxe142

Client Kudos Film & Television

Brief Complete picture post for ITV’s eight-part crime series about a Dorset community thrown into the media spotlight by the death of a young boy.

How it was done In addition to completing day-for-night shots, VFX and online editor Adam Eddy was tasked with maintaining continuity from one scene to the next.

With changeable weather for the duration of the shoot, many of the skies had to be replaced with blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Eddy used Imagineer System’s Mocha to aid tricky tracking procedures, with Avid DS and After Effects used to bed in the images.

“Solving problems with continuity caused by the weather or time of day are the most frequent challenges,” says Eddy. 

“In these cases I generally  refer to my own library of interesting skies and cloud formations gathered from locations around the world to present alternatives which all have to be blended in perfectly.

“Sometimes something more radical is required such as replacing the cloudy sky with a beautiful summer one or turning a colourful sunset into a brewing storm but whatever the challenge the solution needs careful finessing to look natural and fit the storyline.”

There were also last-minute changes within the story that meant some of the writing on the crime scene whiteboard had to be altered. Colourist Paul Staples graded the series using the Nucoda FilmMaster.

Watch it Mondays, 9pm, ITV