Colin McKeown, the producer and executive producer behind BBC daytime drama Moving On, has praised the camera technology that was used to shoot the show.

McKeown’s company LA Productions shot the five-part contemporary drama using a Panasonic HPX3000 HD camera that utilises P2 memory cards rather than tape.
The former Brookside co-creator and producer says that using IT rather than a tape workflow significantly reduced the chances of crucial shots being missed.
“[Working without tape] allows you to edit as quickly as you can afford to,” he told Broadcast. “It totally worked. Being able to dump footage and check the pictures [straight away] provided us with the means to not miss a shot or a close up.”
Moving On was shot in Liverpool and features the work of five new writers.  Each story is about characters that reach turning point in their life and therefore have to ‘Move On’

“The technology we used had to be of sufficient quality to raise the bar in the same way as we were doing in terms of script and stars,” continued McKeown. “The budget was really, really low but we knew that if we could deliver on HD we could maximise the quality.”
Moving On continues on BBC1 and BBC HD until Friday (22 May).